Iku Kasahara Edit

Iku Kasahara


23 (start of series)




Library Task Force


Coporal (former)
Library Clerk Supervisor


3 older brothers

Iku Kasahara is the protagonist of Toshokan Sensō; she is initially ranked Library Clerk First Class, but is later promoted to Library Clerk Supervisor.


Iku is very protective of books, and will do anything to save them. Sometimes she will disobey her commanding officers if she believes that they are taking a wrong course of action. Iku personality is similar to that of Atushi Dojo . She has a tough exterior, but inside, she has a soft heart. Iku is also very athletic. She is sometimes clumsy and can set Dojo off easily, which amuses Komaki.

She has a strong sense of justice when it comes to freedom of expression and is willing to put her life on the line for the books she has sworn to protect.


Family: Kasahara's mother is very against the fact that her daughter has taken up a dangerous, not at all feminine job. It is revealed by her elder brother that this is due to an incident where Kasahara was seriously hurt when falling out of a tree. Her father always agreed with her mother, as per Kasahara's account, until her mother went 'too far' asking her daughter to quit doing what she loved. This made Kasahara very distant with her parents, and is also the source of confrontation in the series.


Iku wanted to become part of the Library Forces starting in the autumn of her senior year in high school, after Atsushi Dojo, although she wasn't aware of his identity at the time, stopped the MBC from taking a book from her that she was planing on buying at a bookstore. After college she applied to be in the Defense Force, the part of the Library Force that does all of the fighting, and afterwards became part of the Library Task Force, which performs both Defense and Librarian duties.

She joined the Library Defense Force's Kantō Library Base in 2019. In high school, she had been a member of the track and field team, so she has a lot of stamina and drive to continue with the Library Defense Force.